Hannah Swayze is a film and VR producer from Los Angeles, California with a background as a performing classical musician.

Her recent magical realist feature-length film, Caverna, is set in an experimental theater lab in Italy. She wrote and co-directed the film with Daniel Contaldo, and was shot on 16mm by Lyon Taylor.

She has produced commercials with brands such as UGG and Heron Preston, and believes in creative strategy that opens up latent markets for clients.

In the narrative space, short film Häxan (dir. Mike Fontaine) premiered at the Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona, and his second film Nest was programmed at the Telluride Horror Show. Other narrative projects have been presented at the Berlinale EFM and the EYE Museum in Amsterdam. Currently she’s working on independent film projects in New York City, Shanghai, Italy and Los Angeles.